Who We Are

Who We Are

It's Not Just Us

We're just who you see. There are hundreds of  people in many different organizations, each having a role in effectively managing your hard-earned savings. As an Investment Advisor Representative I am currently registered with Horter Investment Management, LLC.

Drew Horter and his team, designed, built, operate and manage the whole system. Our Custodians hold your savings, providing trading and reporting services. Then, a carefully selected and varied group of Private Wealth Managers watch over your money every day, taking advantage of opportunities when they arise and helping to keep clients out of harm's way when the markets turn.   
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Our Investment Philosophy
​For Accomplished Savers
Pre-retirees, Retirees and People Planning to Retire

We do not believe that “Buy & Hold” and Asset Allocation Models are appropriate, considering investor drawdowns/losses could be as high as 50%, or more, as experienced in the S&P 500 during the "Great Recession."

We believe in Tactical Asset Management where our carefully selected Private Wealth Managers can:
  • go “Risk off” to cash,
  • can potentially take advantage of the stock market if it goes up or down,
  • can potentially earn money if interest rates increase or decrease.​​
We believe in Tactical Portfolio Management where investment risk is reduced by carefully combining very different tactical asset managers. The managers' varied approaches react in different ways to conditions in multiple markets. When one manager "zigs" the others may "zag". This an alternative approach to diversifying.

Kenneth R. Portnoy ("Ken")
Investment Advisor Representative
​Horter Investment Management, LLC

In the early 1990's, after 20 years working in advanced computer and telecommunications technology, Ken shifted his career into financial services, starting out at one of the premier life insurance companies in America. More recently, in mid-2015, after achieving the necessary licensing from the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission, Ken expanded his offerings to include investment advice and Tactical Portfolio Management; becoming an Investment Advisor Representative with Horter Investment Management, LLC.  
Ken is committed to providing appropriate investment vehicles and financial advice to pre-retirees, retirees and conservative savers who can't afford to lose their money when the markets turn against them. Family experience drives his commitment. Several aging relatives lost huge portions of their retirement savings as the stock market bubbles burst in 2000 and again in 2009. They had gotten bad advice that put their money at risk. And, they got no advice to take defensive action when the time came. Ken Portnoy, GLIDEPATH FINANCIAL, and Horter Investment Management, LLC, are all aligned with the goal to help you avoid that fate.