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1.  How do I know you're not like Bernie Madoff?​​
2.  What is "Tactical Asset Management?"
3.  What is "Tactical Portfiolio Management?"
4.  Why doesn't everybody else do it like you?
5.  How can I learn more about your Private Wealth Managers?
6.  Is it easy to get my money?
7.  What is a "Fiduciary?" Why do I care?
8.  How much money do I need to get your help?
9.  What are "proprietary products?" Do you have any?
10.  I got IBM stock from my mother that I'm never selling. What do I do?
11.  How big are you?
12.  I like to trade on my own. Can I still?
13.  You seem like nice people. What else can you do for me?
1. Bernie Madoff put investors' money into his own pocket. Checks were made out to "Madoff Securities."  With us your money is held by our custodians. You make your check out to them. 

Then, Bernie Madoff had all of his (fictitious) performance reporting done by his own accountant.  With us, our performance reporting is done by an independent third party. 
2. Cash is key to "Tactical Asset Management." Tactical Asset Managers know that cash can be the right defensive posture at the right time. Their strategies allow for cash holdings. They can go "risk off" to cash. 

Tactical Asset Managers have the freedom to follow their strategies, to take advantage of opportunity in good markets and to move your money out of harms way when the markets turn. 

This is very unusual. For example, Mutual Funds must keep 80% of their assets in their defined focus. If they're defined to follow a market index then no matter how much the index goes down, they're tied up at least 80% - going all the way down.

3. There are multiple parts to "Tactical Portfolio Management"

First, several Tactical Asset Managers are brought together into a group to create diversity between different money management strategies and different markets. The grouping is engineered to a specific level of risk.

Then, manager and portfolio performance is watched and measured to be sure that the expected results are achieved.

Finally, should the need arise, the portfolio may be changed: allocations between managers reset, managers added or dropped. Changes can sustain the original intentions or address new concerns.

4. Here are just some of the reasons why others don't work like us.

 - They're product sellers who need to move proprietary products.

 - They're commission-based brokers who like making money every time they convince you to buy or sell something. 

 - They believe in the "same old way", that "buy, diversify, hold" and so-called "Modern Portfolio Theory" from the 1950s is the right thing to do - despite the history of the 21st Century and the development of new approaches.

 - Their money management systems are already in-place - only capable of "buy, diversify, hold".

 - They're abandoning smaller accounts to their new robo-advisors that follow "buy, diversify, hold." 
5. We've got all the information. We just don't want to bury you in it. As we figure out which Private Wealth Managers seem to fit you best we'll share with you as much detail about them as you desire and require.

If you love data as much as we do, and you're impatient, send an email to request the most recently compiled performance results. 
6. Its easy to get your money. Your assets are "liquid" so they are available quickly. Our custodians trade every day.

A one-time request for funds, takes just takes a few business days to complete; including electronic funds transfer to you.

Also, a reqular periodic withdrawal (monthly, quarterly, annually) can be set up to get money to you when and where you need it.   
7. What is a Fiduciary? 
 - In a "fiduciary" relationship, somebody vulnerable seeks advice. They justifiably trust their advisor. Honor and integrity require the advisor to act only for the benefit of the seeker. The advisor is called a "fiduciary."
 - In a fiduciary relationship the advisor must act only for the benefit of the seeker.
 - The advisor may profit from the relationship only if the seeker understands and agrees.

Why do you care? 
 - Investment Advisor Representatives are held to a "fiduciary" responsibility by the government.
 - Not every financial advisor is a fiduciary. Most advisors at banks, brokerages, and insurance companies are not. And, they are fighting hard not to be. They want to continue business-as-usual, not necessarily looking out solely for their client's best interests, continuing to profit without client understanding and agreement.
 - At GlidePath Financial its not just a legal thing. Its about honor and integrity - doing the right thing for clients - first and always.
8. To create a high-quality Tactically Managed Portfolio with 5 Private Wealth Managers requires a minimum of $30,000. (With larger portfolios we may include more managers.)

This is truly amazing!!!!

Not long ago, Tactically Managed Assets were only available from "Hedge Funds" with $2 Million dollar minimums. If you wished to create a portfolio like ours, with 5 different tactical strategies, you would need $10 Million.

9. A proprietary product, like a mutual fund, is where the bank or brokerage firm that sells it also acts as the investment advisor for the fund. This can be very profitable for the banks and brokerages. Often, the sales person, the broker, is secretly motivated through quotas and bonus arrangements to place proprietary products instead of outside alternatives.

We offer no proprietary products. Our Private Wealth Managers are all selected objectively, on the basis of their tactical management record through up and down markets. All of our managers are considered equally. We only recommend what fits you best with no secret conflict-of-interest from quotas and bonus arrangements.

Look at FAQ #7, too.

10. There is no reason for you to get rid of assets that have sentimental value. We can easily move them into a special low-fee non-trading account with our custodian. This way you can keep a close watch - right along with your other accounts.
11. GlidePath Financial is a small business based in Falls Church, Virginia, serving Northern Virginia and the Washington, metropolitan area. Our small size gives you a direct personal relationship with your advisor.

Horter Investment Management, LLC, headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio, manages over $1 Billion dollars in assets with more than 300 representatives across the country.​​ (Most representatives are affiliated directly with Horter. Others are affiliated through independent advisory firms.)
12. Many people enjoy the intellectual challenge and emotional thrill of trading their own assets. We don't want to take that away from you. 

We work with you to determine your risk tolerance and risk capacity so that your money is properly distributed into appropriate investments. Your risk profile may support distributing some money to your personal trading account outside of our custodians so that you can continue to pursue and enjoy some trading on your own. 
13. We are nice people!!

Once you become a client we can help you with other aspects of your financial life and plans. Some other areas where we can help, or bring help include:
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Special Needs Children
  • Eldercare
  • ​Elderlaw
We don't know it all. When we don't we bring together specialized professionals to meet your needs.